Product Quality

Abacolor provides its customers with quality and product safety information that meets or exceeds industry standards:

  • Abacolor tests every batch to assess conformity with defined and agreed upon standards.As owner-operators of four pigment factories,which is an important guarantee of good and consistent supply towards our customers. Each batch comes with a Certificate of Analysis issued by Abacolor.
  • Abacolor regularly has its products tested for heavy metals and other hazardous contaminants at independent laboratories in Europe in order to ensure full compliance with international standards. The vast majority of our products have a purity that meets or exceeds the requirements of Italian Decreto Ministeriale (DM) 21/3/73, European Toy Norm 71-3, 71-5, 71-9, European Resolution AP(89) 1,  EU Directive 94/62/EC, U.S. CONEG Toxics in Packaging Legislation, EU Directive 2011/65/EC (RoHS), German BfR IX  and are listed on the French Positive List.

REACH stimulates the development of safer chemicals and restricts the use of most of the  hazardous chemicals

When REACH is fully in force, it will require all companies manufacturing or importing chemical substances into the European Union in quantities of one ton or more annually to register these substances within the European Chemicals Agency (ECHA)

Supply of substances to the European market which have not been registered is illegal. This is known in REACH as “no data, no market”.

The final registration (> 1T per year) needs to be completed before June 1st , 2018.

The advantages for our customers:

  • No need to reformulate with the 2018 deadline coming near.
  • Saving valuable lab time.
  • Abacolor as your reliable partner for security of supply.
  • Avoiding risk of impurities
  • Commitment to all aspects of safety through the supply chain